Walnut blasting service cost

There is an issue affecting most car gas engines these days, that is a direct result of two fundamental changes in the design of current combustion engines. Upgraded emission requirements, and direct injected engines.

The result is the intake valves are getting large amounts of carbon build up on the intake valves, affecting the performance, fuel economy, and just normal operation of the engine.

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We hear our customers say, " I have no check engine light, but my engine doesn't pull like it used to", "my fuel economy is dropping, yet I don't have any check engine lights", "my engine stumbles on acceleration". All of these comments and more can often be attributed to the carbon build up on the intake valves.

Why is this now happening? In the constant drive by car manufacturers to improve efficiency, performance, and gas economy, they have made a fundamental change in the design of the fuel injection system.

They have moved the fuel injector from the intake track, to being directly in the cylinder referred to as "direct injected engines". The fuel injectors used to be in the intake runner, close to the intake valve of the engine. When the fuel injector was in the intake tract, the fuel would act like a cleaning agent and clean or prevent oil and carbon deposits from accumulating on the intake valves. Why is there oil in the intake tract in the first place? With the continued evolution of the emissions systems, one of the elements is the capture of crankcase vent fumes, and re-directing them into the intake tract to allow them to be digested as part of the combustion process, therefore ensuring the fumes don't vent to atmosphere, and they go thru the catalytic convertors to get cleaned and altered before exiting the exhaust system and entering the atmosphere.

The combination of these two elements has caused the intake valves to now become a collector of oil and carbon deposits.

The normal time frame for this to become bad enough that it affects the engine operation is in the area of k miles of use. There are a couple of approaches. Direct fix Walnut blasting of the intake valvesand indirect adding an additive like SeaFoam to the vacuum tract of the engine not just adding to the fuel. Adding a cleaning agent to the fuel DOESN'T help, and doesn't change anything although we would recommend using only gas like Chevron and Shell for all performance engines.

Don't wait till your engine coughs and sputters Submit Inquiry. Walnut Blasting Service. Ohlins Suspension Upgrade. GMG Exhaust Porsche Brembo Brake Kit. Porsche Rennsport Reunion VI. Ferrari Alignment Service. Continental ContiSport Tire.The N 54, N55 engine of the i, i, and i are all direct injection; this means in particular that the fuel is injected directly into the combustion chamber of each cylinder and not in the intake tract. As a consequence, fuel is no longer sprayed before the intake valve.

One of the major benefits of port injection is that the fuel keeps the intake valves clean. With direct injection the intake valves are only in contact with air and and blow by gases from the crankcase breathing system. On turbocharged cars the oil in the intake tract will be higher due to increased blow by compared to a naturally aspirated engine.

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This will accelerate carbon build up on the intake valves. The carbon build up process is gradual and overtime it will affect the efficiency of the motor and cause a rough idle and power loss. If left unattended the Service Engine Soon light will eventually appear. Direct injection has many benefits, but unfortunately carbon build up is an inevitable repercussion. What Can Be Done? In order to avoid removing the cylinder head for cleaning, a system has been devised to clean the intake valves on the car.

During the walnut blasting service each intake tract is cleaned separately, as in order to avoid for the cleaning fluid to enter the combustion chamber the valves must be closed, only one cylinder has closed valves at any given time. We utilize a media blasting tool designed specifically for this application by BMW. We typically recommend this service be done every 50k miles. There are other instances when this should be done because it is more economical in combination with other jobs we commonly do on the N54 and N55 engines.

To get access to the intake ports the intake manifold has to be removed. Some other common problems with these engines are starter failures and oil filter housing gaskets leaking. Both of these jobs require the intake manifold to be removed. The oil filter housing gasket commonly develops a leak around 60k to 90k miles, so if you find your gasket is leaking we suggest the carbon blasting be done at the same time. Similarly these engines also have starter issues and commonly fail at 50k to 85k miles.

If your starter fails we highly suggest doing your walnut blasting service at the same time and potentially preemptively changing out the oil filter housing gasket as well.

walnut blasting service cost

We highly recommend taking care of all three of these potential problems in one shot, this is how we save you money in the long run. If your direct injection car is having problems due to dirty intake ports, a problematic starter, or a leaking oil filter housing gasket please give us a call.

As always we will perform a free diagnosis and inspection your car and suggest the most economical service and repair solution for your BMW. Need Help?Remember Me? Private First Class. My local BMW dealer offers the service I am still under 50k now. Just curious as to what others have paid. Appreciate 0. That's the same I was quoted So it's all about how valuable your time is. Appreciate 1. Originally Posted by spoiledxjoker. Last edited by EB; at AM.

Find More Posts by eric helix. Lieutenant Colonel. I wouldn't wait till 70k. Sometimes you can get lucky by a local forum member who does it. Good luck as Im planning to do it now too since Im at 51k miles. No reason this should take more than 3 hours, even the first time. I did mine at 37k and they were pretty gunked up. Brigadier General. It needed it. Getting it done every k.

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Originally Posted by cvc a. Originally Posted by syd. Originally Posted by e90TiAgi.Original Poster. Search My Stuff What's New 3 12 24 Current prices on walnut decoke. Dear all, first post in this section as just bought a low mileage Cooper S for the wife. Despite being otherwise immaculate after investigating a misfire and hesitation under throtlle etc I find myself here - sure you will all be familiar with this story! Anyways on several threads there were indications of best places to go, but these lists seem last updated a couple of years ago and prices have changed drastically.

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Does anyone have any experience of where this can be done in the north east inexpensively? Have many specialists got their hands on this kit yet? My nearest dealer expressed surprise - I don't theirs gets much use! Ended up going to Newcastle today, just waiting on the car back, fingers crossed it works. Agreed some of the indies are much more competitive, so will try and plan this ahead in future services, maybe once every k or so which will make it worthwhile.

Can't see any specialists closer to me than the Midlands unfortunately, perhaps that situation may change though. I think you may need a new high pressure fuel pump or something elsea de coke is more about getting general performance back not a cure for misfire or poor runing. Carbon build up on the inlets will cause poor running, generate knock codes and can cause missfires as the carbon build up can cause loss of compression and port combustion.

High pressure fuel pump can cause running issues, but mainly cutting out from cold start. Edited by rigga on Wednesday 4th May It worked!

If ever there was a wakeup call for idiots ruining cars with continuous start-stop driving it was this.

Walnut Shell Blasting Service on Direct Injected Engines

The tech said it was totally borked with black stuff and took him ages. Beware the little old lady low mileage vehicle - this car has My missus has an annoying habit of "just popping over" to pick up my spoiled daughter from work all of 5 mins walk away in broad daylight. Now I've had to do some research I'm aware of the other Cooper S "character" issues like the fuel pump and timing chain.

Just need to find a decent indie and the next decoke can be more affordably built into a service a few more down the line. AliZ4C 13 posts months. There is a lad who runs a local north East Mini Forum full on minis - well worth a join! He has persuaded his bosses to buy the kit and is currently testing it out on his car before getting other people booked in Mr Scruff 1, posts months.

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Bumping this. I'd like to get this done on my R56, or at least get a quote. Anyone know a place local ish to High Wycombe who may be able to do it? Did read that Sytner High Wycombe had the capabilities but they informed me it was only for specific vehicles and mine wasn't one of them!?While there are many benefits, there are also some downfalls.

Positives include better fuel economy, efficient power and tons of headroom if you enjoy modifying your car! The negatives are low speed pre-ignition LSPI in some models and what we will be addressing here, carbon build-up. Carbon build-up is when carbon deposits are left on the back of your intake valves. In a typical port injected car the fuel injectors spray over the intake valves essentially cleaning them of any sort of carbon or debris.

This keeps them clean for thousands and thousands of miles and all but eliminates the need for carbon cleaning. In a direct injected car, the fuel injectors spray directly into the cylinder head, bypassing the valves and thus never cleaning the back side of the intake valves. Due to no fuel flowing over the valves, carbon deposit can build up and cause many issues. In some cases you will notice drive-ability problems, power degradation, miss-fires, cold start issues and more.

The good news is at this can be remedied for a fair price if brought to a shop who is experienced with the platform. It is important that they have done this procedure before as if done wrong, can jeopardize your expensive engine! Some will ask, how would you clean the back of the valves if they are in the head? Well there are a few ways, but the most common and the way to do it is via walnut blasting. Walnut blasting is using a pressurized vacuum style machine used to spray crushed walnut shells over the back of the closed intake valves.

Doing this allows for the walnut media to disrupt the carbon, removing it from the valve and intake chamber. The benefits are immediately noticeable and the procedure should last thousands of miles.

All vehicles that are Direct Injected without a supplemental port injection will suffer from this issue. Some are worse than others and require the service more frequently.

Vehicles that are Direct Inject with a supplemental port injected setup should not need this service or at least not for a long time. On a standard Direct Inject engine, we recommend performing this service at least every 96,km. With hard usage or if you notice drive-ability issues or power loss, it may be worth considering doing it earlier. Direct injection is the wave of the future, but as with all new technology, there are some by-products which will need to be addressed.

We are also capable of doing Audi, Porsche, Mercedes, Ford, Nissan and more so please reach out for a quote on your specific vehicle! Contact jameson dalesauto.

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walnut blasting service cost

On many applications we can add an Air Oil Seperator to minimize the affect of carbon build up. Follow Follow Follow Follow Follow. Pin It on Pinterest.This service is a scheduled maintenance required on Direct Injection vehicles in order to clean the Carbon buildup on the Intake Valves.

The interval that this service should be completed is every 40kk miles during normal driving unmodded. If you are ready to schedule an appointment, or had any questions that are not answered feel free to contact us at As we all know, BMW is quite a powerhouse brand and has the ability to incorporate a high level of engineering in every project they work on.

This style of Fuel Injection has become very popular over the last few years as many manufacturers and vehicle models are using similar Fuel Injection technology and following suite of BMW. This enables the vehicle to be much more gas efficient all around and helps manufacturers to meet CAFE mileage requirements and goals.

Prior generation fuel systems use a traditional Port Injection style, which injects fuel prior to the Intake Valves. The Port Injection style fuel system has its benefits since the Intake valves do not require Walnut Shell Blasting and cleanup as a scheduled maintenance.

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Since the fuel is injected prior to the Intake Valves, these valves get cleaned with the detergents or cleaners found in most pump gasoline fuels i. Chevon Techron, Shell V-Power, etc. In the newer Direct Injection style fuel systems, since the fuel is injected AFTER the Intake Valves, these valves do not get cleaned by the detergents and cleaners found in most gasoline. What would my Intake Valves look like before a typical cleaning?

Is there anyway you can provide videos to give me an idea of what I should be expecting? We have attached a couple videos to hopefully give you a better visualization of what to expect before and after a typical cleaning.

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The Walnut Shell Blasting service is regular maintenance item that should be performed every k miles. This interval is the recommendation for vehicles that are stock and unmodded, as well as lightly driven vehicles.

Some benefits include:.

Preventing and Fixing Carbon Issues for Direct Injection Engines ~ Episode 80

We always stock these gaskets due to the sheer volume of these services we perform every week. We are proud to say we have done over of these Walnut Shell Blasting cleaning services for various local and out of state customers since We are confident in our work and guarantee all work performed with a warranty. So you do all of this out of your garage? How much experience do you have and can I trust you? I am on the fence since I want to be confident in who I am taking my vehicle to. We do work out of our garage indeed!

We have been working on local BMWs within the Southern California area since and are very well known within the local Southern California community. We feel posting this unedited feedback in this section is the best way to display how customers truly feel about the work we provide. In addition, we provide a warranty on all Walnut Shell Blasting service and guarantee our work.

Glad you asked! We are happy to accommodate for customers in any given situation or circumstance. Your welcome to drop the car off, or you can stay and wait while we perform the service. Drop Off : If you drop the car off, we will perform the Walnut Shell Blasting service and be sure to take videos of the Intake Valves before and after the cleaning. This ensures that the work was done to your satisfaction and will show you proof that the Intake Valves are completely clean.

Any other questions? We are happy to help answer them for you, feel free to reach out to us directly at What is Walnut Shell Blasting?

walnut blasting service cost

Direct Injection style Fuel system Injector is after Intake Valve As we all know, BMW is quite a powerhouse brand and has the ability to incorporate a high level of engineering in every project they work on.

How often should I perform this service? When do I need it? What are the benefits to Walnut Shell Blasting? Ease of diagnosis of issues related to Carbon Buildup — Once the Walnut Shell Blasting service in completed, you have peace of mind that the building was not causing any common issues such as Rough Idle, Misfires, Cold Start Issues, etc.It had lost its get up and go and it only had about 60, miles on it!

What is walnut blasting? Walnut blasting is a process that some dealers use to treat carbon build up.

walnut blasting service cost

Direct injection is becoming more common because it allows manufacturers to increase fuel mileage, power and efficiency. Every time you put your foot on the accelerator you are telling the car to release gasoline into the combustion chamber of the vehicle.

The spark plugs then ignite the gasoline in the combustion chamber causing the car to run. Carbon is released into the engine as a byproduct of this process. Just like when we breathe!

The carbon build up is suffocating your car! Carbon build up on an intake valve of a direct injection engine. So when the carbon builds up, one of the common ways to clean it out of your engine is through walnut blasting. So we use a chemical carbon build up removal process that just melts all that carbon goo away.

It depends on the make and model of your vehicle and the size of the engine, i. V6, V8, etc. Intake valve after carbon build up removal. Home Reviews Services Terms and Conditions.


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